Thursday, August 28, 2014


I had a meeting with a donor this week and she mentioned how glad she was that her work from home husband finally got some office space away from the house.  I mentioned this to my boss yesterday and he sympathized.  His wife would hate it if he were home and underfoot all the time.

I am amazed by this.  These aren't unhappily married couples.  I've seen both pairs together and they're quite happy.  But every morning that Nick is home and I'm headed off to work, he practically begs me to call in sick.  And trust me I'd REALLY love to!  I love my job.  I REALLY love my job.  I work long hours and take it home at night and on weekends and that's just fine with me.  I obsess over my work in the middle of the night--it's what keeps me up much more than worrying about, well, anything else really.  It's a great job and I wouldn't trade it for any other (maybe a promotion or a raise would be nice but even without them, I'm perfectly happy).  But I would so love to spend all day every day home with my husband.  Or out with him.  Or whatever!

When I was living in Kansas City and he would visit, he would come to work with me and sit in a spare cube all day.  When we lived in San Diego, I often spent entire weekends at Sea World, not riding the rides or seeing the animals, but hanging out by whatever ride he was working.  When he worked at the San Diego airport I would go with him on Saturday AND Sunday nights, sit in the food court (right by the Starbucks) and he'd sit with me in between flights and on his lunch hour.  If we can't stay home together, we'll go to work together.  Of course, this was all before we had kids.  I couldn't spend a weekend at the airport now and definitely couldn't get away with not fully exploring Sea World.  We often joke about finding a job where we can both work from home.  Or maybe one day when the kids are on their own, I'll get a job as a flight attendant and we'll travel the country together on the same flights.  I really can't think of a better way to spend my days than with the one person I enjoy most in life.  I'm absolutely thrilled that he enjoys me as much as I enjoy him.

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The Gang's Momma! said...

Aaaaah, my friend. On this we differ. I am an extrovert and I love time with my people. And my husband. But after having had him home all summer long? I am thankful for the job that takes him out of the house for a while, even if it's only a 5 hour shift at Target.

See, he's such a laidback, easy going presence in the house that when he's here all day, he brings everyone's pace down a notch or two. Like to Saturday or stay-cation pace. And no matter how I try to fight it, I slow down right along with them all.

But I am a personality and temperament that thrives on routine and structure and productivity. So stay-cation every day for three months makes me a bit batty. The kids are slower and harder to motivate. The routine gets driven only by me which makes me cranky when they are all chilling out and resisting me.

It isn't him. It's his presence. His "aura" if you will. Maybe the team in the stockroom of the local Target will appreciate the slowdown :)