Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Home Movies

We've been watching old home movies--the girls call them the Ivy and Iris movies.  It's been fun seeing them when they were babies and thinking how we'll get to do all of this again.  We've found absolute treasures mixed in with the holiday and vacation memories.

"Dad, do you want to play throw the catch?"--Ivy

"Oh WAH TAH!" --Iris  Don't ask me what that means, but she used to say it all the time.

An adorable exchange between Ivy and Nick about Great Grandma Olson's trip to Heaven.

We look at them when they were 1 and 2 and 4 and think how it feels like yesterday that they did these cute things.  And yet still it seems like long ago...

Just this morning, Iris saw my bottle of Tums (a.k.a. pregnant candy for those of you who know) and asked if I had "heart broken".  t was a moment for the camera certainly and reminded me that we really need to take more Ivy and Iris movies...and watch them much more often before these days too are gone.

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Tiggerr said...

We have more Jeremy-Robin, movies than we do of the little guys. Whatever you do don't stop!