Thursday, November 04, 2010


Some men (and women) secretly sneak peaks at porn. Additcted or not, they might try to hide it--scoping out time in their day when they know no one is around and no one can see what they're looking at.

My husband does not do least not with naked people. He looks at pictures of airplanes. We affectionatly call it pilot porn. Sometimes, he'll be at his computer and I'll walk by and notice that he's rapidly closed a window.

"What are you looking at?" I'll ask, already knowing the answer.

"Nothing!" as if it's a secret.

I think pilots are born, not made. You either love planes or know little about them. You can learn the aerodynamics or the mechanics but pilots are born with an innate awe and wonder about planes. Nick's dad is a pilot too. His mom once told me that she knew exactly how she was going to die. She'd be riding in the car with his dad who would hear a plane overhead. He'd be craning his neck to watch it when suddenly... well, you get the idea. I'm pretty sure that's how I'll go too.

It's not uncommon for Nick to spot planes that are invisible to the untrained eye. He even used to take me on dates to the airport to watch planes land. (Um, how romantic.) We've been chasing his dream for years (all the way to Korea!).

Lately, I've noticed somethig disturbing. Iris seems to have this uncanny ability and affection for planes too. She shouts in her almost two voice "eh pane!" and points up to the sky. I follow her finger and see nothing but sky and then, I hear it, but can't see it. She continues to shout until I acknowledge the plane's presence. Yes--airplane. Then, all is right with the world, until another one flies overhead and we start over.

I'm not sure yet if I'm worried about this. She hasn't yet become the traveler that Ivy was at her age and until we're once again employed by an airline, I don't see that happening. But the early warning signs are there...