Monday, August 11, 2014

The End is Near!

At least I hope it is.  I have just three weeks to go until baby Olson arrives (assuming she's on time) and I can not wait!  On the one hand, I'm very excited to hold my baby and finally give her a name.  I can't wait to snuggle her and love her and put her in all of the adorable clothes we have.  Take a million pictures, introduce her to the world and celebrate her first set of holidays.  All that stuff.

On the other hand, I really just want my body back!  It's so true what they say--you forget all of this stuff after babies are born.  I had vaguely remembered how much I dreaded nights.  The waking every three or four hours to go to the bathroom.  How much it hurts getting in and out of bed.  How much I miss sleeping on my back and just how many pillows I require to even lie down at all.  It sounds counter intuitive but I really want to have this baby so I can get some rest!

I miss my morning runs!  I never really thought I would.  I've been walking but even that now is really hard to do for any length of time.  I absolutely hate how run down I feel.  It sounds stupid but I hate not having all of my usual energy.  I don't like having to slow down.  I don't like that I'm winded after walking up one flight of stairs.

I never would have thought how much I miss being able to eat a hot dog.  It's summer for goodness sake and I can't eat a hot dog!  Heartburn!  Oh the heartburn!  I wake up with it.  Water gives me heartburn.  How is this possible?  I can't complain about weight gain though or swelling.  Those things just haven't happened.  I'm lucky in that sense.

All of this stuff happened with my last pregnancy.  I should have known.  Who am I kidding, I did know! Really it could be over any day now.  I spent most of yesterday in false labor (which is just nature's cruel joke!) and I really hope that at the very lest I got a centimeter or two of dilation out of the whole thing.

Of course, I hope she's early.  I hope she shows up a day or two after Nick gets home and I can relax about all of the scenarios of how do I get to the hospital and what will I do with the girls.  But mostly, I hope she's healthy and I try to take comfort in knowing that the entire labor process has already been worked out and planned and that everything will happen exactly as it should.

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