Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My second child is bizarre.  Aren’t they all in their own way?  Iris has developed a series of phrases that only she understands and can not seem to explain to anyone else…
Lavender speaks lavender.
I guess I need to have a junior.
Owie owie owie cats.
Bacona bacona baconalack.  And sometimes Bacona bacona bacona shoshashank.
I don’t know what any of this means and yet sometimes I find myself repeating one or more of these phrases over and over, thinking of my little girl and wondering what goes on in her head.  Sometimes, Nick and I say them to each other as sort of an inside joke—it never fails to provoke a laugh.
We will never forget these phrases and we will certainly never let Iris forget them.  I can envision bringing them up at all of the usual embarrassing moments—first dates, 21st birthday and any other moment when I’ll want to remember her as my little girl and not the woman I’m sure she’ll grow up to be.  
I have no doubt that we will have several more new phrases as time goes by but until then, I guess I need to have a junior and remember that Lavender does speak lavender.