Monday, July 07, 2014

Setting up the Nursery

Even though this is our third child, it's the first time Nick and I have really ever set up a nursery.  I have to say it was a lot of fun.  Ivy was born into a 1 bedroom apartment--we carved out a corner of the room and that was her room (of course, her stuff took up more space than the both of ours combined so really, she gave us a generous portion of the bedroom and slept wherever she felt like it).  We moved three more times before she had a room of her own and even then, she still slept most nights in her car seat.

We moved into a three bedroom apartment when Iris was on her way but had to make one of those rooms a den of sorts, and Ivy was still using the crib when she arrived so once again, the new baby had a corner of a room and slept in her car seat.  Six months later, in our first house, she was upgraded to the pack and play.

This time around, we're still re-purposing another room but it's much more "on purpose".  We have one of those useless rooms--a formal living room--that we had used for a den/TV room for the girls.  Our formal living room is really our only living room and probably our most "adult" room--the furniture all matches and was carefully chosen for THAT room.  It's a great room!

We moved the den to the basement and eliminated our guest room, so now, baby get's a full half of a room!  Remarkably, we were only missing one piece of the crib that has traveled across the country three--no, four--times and let's face it, bolts aren't really that important (kidding!).  Our changing table had long since collapsed along with our rocking chair but we still have a dresser and most of the other baby things.  At least, that's what I thought.

As it turns out, a large portion of our baby stuff has expired.  That's right, expired!  Now, I'm not talking about formula or food or perishable items.  We're talking car seats here!  We saved four of them--FOUR!  They're all expired.  Can someone tell me how car seats expire?  I mean really!  We were never in an accident with them and none ever came close to any type of breaking of any parts.  Naturally, our infant seat fit perfectly into BOTH of our strollers.  Add that to our bassinet, high chair and crib mattress and we're back to buying all new stuff.

So, after hours of hunting down those precious screws and bolts to the crib, we all headed off to the Spend Ooodles of Money on Your Unborn Child store...uh, I mean Babies R Us, and created a baby registry.  It was more for window shopping really.  I'm not expecting a huge baby shower or anything like that but now, we've picked it all out and can buy one piece at a time without needing multiple trips to make a decision.  Plus, if someone asks what we need, we can just point them to our registry.

All in all, putting things up was really a lot of fun and with just 8 weeks to go, the end feels nearer than ever.  I'll spend the next week sorting through and folding little tiny baby girl outfits which sounds like torture but I'm really excited about that too.  It's making the sleepless nights and painful morning runs more worth it.  Two more months to go!

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