Friday, May 02, 2008

It's coming...

The insane heat is on it's way. At this early May date, our high today is only 85 (that's still too hot for May) but last weekend, we reached 100--a reminder of the horrid desert climate that I've managed to somehow imerse myself into.
I meet new people all the time--mostly at work. They come from nice cold states like Wisconsin and Massachusetts and say things like, "Oh, it feels sooooo good here." I can't help myself from raining on their proverbial parade. It won't for long. The heat will come. With a vengence. Heat like you've never felt it before. Of course, then they say they'd rather be hot--they can take the heat. Not me! I'll take a blizzard over a heat wave any day. Then, I get a quizzical look and this question: "What are you doing here?" Excellent question. I have no idea!


Anonymous said...

The heat ain't here yet! We actually had frost warnings earlier this week. But, what I really want to say is that is one great picture of my granddaughter!


Robin E. Olson said...

I'm completely jealous! I want frost warnings!

This picture is from last summer. We haven't spent much time in the pool yet this year. While it's warm enough outside, the water is still cold.

El Brown said...

Cute pic and you're right about the heat. I think "oppressive" is the word we throw around a lot. You just wanna stay inside. It's a bummer when you see the temperature at, say, 2:30 in the morning and it's still 101 degrees. You know that means you've got one of those 117 degree days coming.

And hey, there's a couple of people on the west side of the Valley who are glad you guys are here.