Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Two by Two

Ivy has a toy Noah's Ark that Grandma and Grandpa Schleicher gave her for her birthday. It's a cute little plastic boat with three sets of animals, two each, and of course, Noah. Noah often finds himself in the midst of a storm by way of the dishwasher. Aparently, he belongs there. The animals, too, find themselves wet very often. I was taking a bath one day a few weeks ago, when suddenly, the bathroom door was opened and a zeebra decided to share my bath. He floated, so everything was OK. One can never tell what might find it's way into the ark. It has what I can only describe as a drawbridge at the base of the boat for storing the animals, and Noah has his pertch up on the deck.

Ivy seems to be learning how to put different things into different holes. Certainly, animals find their way into the ark, but so do other toys--whatever fits into that hole. She's starting to put her toys back into their bin...and back out...and back in... Nick and I bought her a princess car for her birthday--one of those that a toddler can walk behind and push or ride on. The seat folds up to reveal a hidden compartment. For days after we'd bought the car, we couldn't find the TV remote. It suddenly occurred to us to check the car--sure enough, there it was.

Yesterday, I hadn't talked to Nick for most of the morning. It's unusual for us not to talk every few hours while we're at work, so when I realized he hadn't called, I called him only to find that he'd called me eight times. Hmm. I must have left my phone in the car. I checked the car at lunch but didn't find it. It's at home somewhere.

I'd forgotten about my phone until this morning when while I was painting my face, I heard the little jingling sound of my phone with a low battery. Where is it? I heard it. I called it and stood still. It was in Ivy's room. Of course! Why hadn't I checked there first. She loves to play with phones. When she woke up an hour later, I called myself again. It was in the toy bin. I searched through it as best I could, but in the end, had to dump it out completely. Still no phone. Hmmm. I knew it was in there--I heard it ringing. One more time, I called it.

Suddenly, the ark was glowing. Sure enough, along with the zeebras, elephants and lions, my cell phone was rescued from the flood. Thank goodness! How did Noah EVER manage for forty days without his cell phone?

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El Brown said...

We're still looking for the keys Jalen hid at Carrie's parents a couple of years ago. They were only there to drop something off .. a 15 minute visit. Yet the keys disappeared. Three adults ripped apart the house and never did find them.

As for cellphones, did you know a Nokia 6010 can fit perfectly into a VCR?