Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not so much...

Um, yeah, that whole giving up coffee thing? Not happening. What can I say--I missed my morning java...and my afternoon java...and my evening java..and all of the other times of day when I gotta have my java. It wasn't so much an addictive thing--I've said before that I'm not addicted to coffee and I hold fast to that. I just LOVE the STUFF! I made it through October with not so much as a Gloria Jeans until Halloween. We took Ivy to the mall for trick-or-treating and there it was--Holiday flavored coffee (yes, that's right, it tastes like a holiday!). Then there was the peppermint mocha Coffee Mate, and the Starbucks white peppermint mocha--what's a girl to do? I gave in. I actually missed being the crazy coffee person. Shockingly, I did NOT win the award for person who drinks the most coffee at the Make-A-Wish holiday party. I guess I'm not that well known yet. (I totally drink more coffee than Marcia!) Still, the prize was a can of GASP! Maxwell House. Kinda glad I didn't win that.

So, I'm back to my old caffeinated ways. I'm still doing my best to eat as vegan as possible, cooking with soy milk, not eating eggs for breakfast, only the very darkest chocolate. Yes, that's right, I'm not eating much chocolate. I've been getting these bars that are 85% cacao. Most of them say "may contain traces of milk", but that also means they may not! I'm optomistic. But that dang cheese! It's so good! I guess it will be a while before I can claim to be a Skinny Bitch. Then again, do I really want to be thought of as that? Probably not.

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