Friday, November 17, 2006

A Very Veg Thanksgiving

The question I keep getting, am I going to let Ivy eat meat, is no big shock to me. The answer, no I'm not going to feed her meat, seems to be a shock to people who ask. Once the shock wears off, I get this question: "Well, you're going to have Thanksgiving turkey, right?" Again, the answer is no. I'm not going to preach on the merits of vegetarianism. Nick and I are both at the point where eating meat makes us physically sick--not because we're so nauseated by the idea of eating dead cows or soup made with what's left over after boiling a chicken, but because our bodies are no longer able to process the enzymes present in meat. Trust me, it's not pretty. So, our precious little Ivy will be raised on a veg diet, including Thanksgiving. So, then, what's on our menu? Oh, let me share!

We'll be having the standard mashed potatoes. In the place of turkey gravy, I'm making a veggie version from vegetable broth. I have my mom's recipie for the same stuffing I've enjoyed every year. I just bake it in a dish instead of up the butt of a dead bird. I've also found a recipie for cornbread stuffing that I'm going to try. Thankfully I'll have mom's version as a backup if my experiment is terrible. I'm giving cranberries a shot too, but what's Thanksgiving without a can shaped cranberry gel? We're having that too. Nick's mom always has baked sweet potatoes with nuts and marshmallows. Since we can't eat marshmallows, I'll use marshmallow cream (no gelatin!). Of course, we'll have pumpkin pie for dessert.

But what about that turkey? I'm goingto do something daring--I'm going to try a tofu turkey. I saw something on the Food Network on them, and hey, it can't be too bad. Just in case, though, I'm making an acorn squash stuffed with rice and veggie sausge.

It's an obscene amount of food for two people and we probably won't be able to eat it until 11:00 at night, when Nick gets home, but we are having our Thanksgiving!

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