Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back in My Levis Again

Yes, that’s right—I’m back in my size 2. Ok, so I’ve never been a size 2, but that’s beside the point. I’m in my real clothes again! After only ten days post pregnancy, my jeans fit—sort of. They’re on and they’re buttoned and zipped. I can sit, stand, and do anything else I want in them. That’s all that matters. I still have a bit of a jelly belly, but now that I can work out again, I don’t think it will hang around.

Ivy has had a busy three weeks of life. She’s met both sets of grandparents, been a tourist in downtown Chicago, and been on her first airplane ride. What an ordeal it is to get through airport security with a baby! I’m not sure I could do it alone. It was just a short jaunt to St. Louis and back, so we decided not to check any bags. MISTAKE! We were then carrying two roller bags, my purse, Ivy’s diaper bag, the stroller, the car seat and our coats. The smart thing to do would have been to check as much as possible. Now we know.

Since Ivy is so little and does not yet have her birth certificate or social security number, we couldn’t get her an employee pass or a security document to get past TSA. We’d checked with the airline ahead of time to make sure she was ok to travel, and being assured that she was, we thought we’d have no issues. WRONG! Everyone we encountered who was not employed by Southwest asked what sort of identification we had for her. I actually think she should have been required to have something. I mean, what if we were baby snatchers or something? We had no way of proving that she was who we said she was or even that she was our child.

Once we made it to the metal detector, the real fun started. Nick and I had to completely undress (ok, so I’m exaggerating, but that’s how it feels these days—shoes, belt, the works.), send our stuff through the x-ray, take Ivy out of the car seat, send it through, collapse the stroller, send it through, walk through ourselves and then try to put all of that stuff back on without holding up the line. Whew! I was walking through the airport in just my socks for a while, but we made it.

After a little snack, Ivy fell asleep and stayed asleep until we touched down at Lambert Airport. It was fabulous being able to pre-board. I may have a child every five years just to keep the privilege.

Now that life is returning to normal, I remember just how great it is to not be pregnant. I’m getting more sleep now than before Ivy was born. I have tons of energy and am getting so much done now that I don’t have to sit down or run to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. The best part is that I can now bend over and tie my own shoes! It’s the little things…

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