Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I'm not sick.  I don't suffer from seasonal allergies.  I do occasionally sneeze.  It's funny--lately I've noticed that I sneeze after I've overeaten.  If only it would happen about 15 minutes earlier I might be able to use it as a weight loss tool.

Some people have tiny sneezes that sound more like the squeak of a mouse.  Others (like my dad) have a more horn-blowing sneeze (sorry dad!).  I don't have one of those violent sneezes that can take down a building.  They don't come on so suddenly that it's a shock--I usually look fairly ridiculous but am able to grab a tissue or cover my mouth and nose with something.  There's almost always more than one and I'm generally prepared for a series of 2-5 sneezes in a row.

My point is, they're not monumental.

I'd be willing to bet that you sneeze too--maybe not in the overeating prevention (or lack of) sense, but I'd bet you sneeze on occasion when you're not sick and that nothing has been damaged as a result.  If I'm wrong and you NEVER sneeze, then feel free to disregard the rest of this post.

If we can agree, then, that sneezes aren't out of the ordinary or anything to be surprised by, WHY then do people always respond to sneezes with expressions of deep concern for my well-being?  This is a regular exchange:

Me:  Achoo!
Someone nearby:  Bless you!
Me:  Thank you...achoo!
Same someone:  Bless you!  Are you ok?
Me:  Yes--just fine thanks!  Achoo!
Same someone:  Bless you!  My goodness!  Are you feeling ok?
Me:  Yep--just a sneeze.  Achoo!

And it goes on.  I don't understand this.  A sneeze is the body's natural way of keeping harmful things out of the lungs.  In some ways, they kind of feel nice--almost refreshing.  They never hurt.  My eyes have never popped out of my head and I've never suffered bodily harm from a sneeze.  Nick did ruin a pair of expensive sun glasses from a sneeze once but that's an entirely different story.  So, for the record--if you hear me sneeze once or twice or twelve times in a row, I'm just fine!

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El said...

I worked with an avowed atheist once. When he sneezed, I never said "bless you," because it didn't feel right. Of course, when I sneezed, he never said it either.

We had a weird vibe. I don't miss him.