Monday, May 12, 2014

Doctors are Everywhere

Doctors are everywhere.  At least they seem to be when you’re pregnant.  Complete strangers are suddenly giving me advice on how I should be behaving. 

“You know you’ll have to stop running soon.”

“Pregnant women really shouldn't wear heels like that.”

“Don’t you think you should stop drinking coffee?”

People, please.  That last one is just ridiculous.  No, I don’t think I should stop drinking coffee and you don’t want me to do that either. 

It’s a shock to me that total strangers feel that it’s OK to say these things to me.  My childless brother once gave me tips on how to deal with morning sickness but he at least knows me and is married to a midwife.  The others really have no excuse.  Even if they are doctors, they’re not MY doctor.  MY doctor, by the way, is thrilled that I’m still running 3 miles a day at 24 weeks.  The nurses in my doctors office always complement me on my shoes as I take them off to stand on the devilish scale (every ounce helps).  They did tell me to cut back on coffee, which I did.  Six cups of decaf instead of 12 cups of regular.  That’s major progress if you ask me.

I just really can’t understand why people would be so bold (not to mention rude) as to say these things to me or anyone else for that matter.  Would they go into a McDonald's and say to an overweight person, about to dig into an extra value meal “Should you really be eating that?”.  NO!  Of course they wouldn't.  Why?  Because it’s none of their business!  Same thing here.  Don’t touch my belly.  Don’t give me medical advice and never, EVER, try to take away my coffee. 

What’s really interesting is that it’s never men who say these things.  Only women.   I wonder if it’s because the men know they have no idea what a pregnant women should or shouldn't do.  Ladies, you could learn a thing or two here. 

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