Friday, March 21, 2014

Coffee Control

I would never call myself a control freak.  Many who know me might disagree, but I’m not someone who HAS to have control.  It’s more that I think SOMEONE should have control and when no one seems to, I’m happy to step in and assume the role.  For example, I once noticed my husband struggling to cook dinner in the kitchen.  Clearly, he did NOT have control, so I helped him out by taking over.  There’s nothing wrong with that, right?  Now, he clearly DOES have control when he’s using the bar-be-que and I’m happy to stay out of it.  He’s definitely in control when it comes to mopping floors and I can easily stay out of that too. 

I’m NOT a control freak.  I AM, however, an absolute freak when it comes to my coffee (big shock, I know).  One of the many things I’m very picky about are those little two inch wide sleeves that slide onto the end of, say, a cup at Starbucks that keep your hand from getting too hot when carrying your cup o’ joe (or in my case, a venti, decaf, non-fat, peppermint mocha with whip).  It’s not an issue in the summer, of course, when I have it iced or blended, though I do use them for my kids when we get spinners (that’s the Irisism for icee, slurpee, whatever—‘cause the dispenser spins, get it?) so their little hands don’t get too cold.  I never use them for myself.  NEVER!  NOT EVER! 

I’m not trying to be macho or suggest that my coffee isn’t hot.  Nor are my hands less sensitive than anyone else’s.  I don’t have calluses that keep my sense of touch from being scalded and I am not a glutton for pain.  What I do have is a very strong aversion to being told where to place my hand when it comes to holding my coffee.  When I reach for my java, my hand is no less than an inch from the bottom of the lid rim.  Using that sleeve would force my hand to be much lower—around the middle of the cup.  Maybe I have big hands.  Maybe my 24oz cup habit is causing the sleeve to sit lower that it might on smaller cup.  I wouldn’t know—I don’t use small cups. 

And as I sit here with a burn on my left forefinger from standing in line at the gas station for longer than usual, I still refuse to use a heat sleeve.  Stubborn?  YES.  Control freak?  I still say no (then again, it could just be my stubbornness talking).

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