Saturday, October 16, 2010

They're just shoes

So, I like shoes. They're the one article of clothing that seem to fit no matter how much I weigh and I don't mind going up a size. I've been buying a lot more shoes lately since I discovered platforms. I bought a cute pair of purple strappy shoes for Easter and just fell in love with Baker's Shoes. Since April, I've bought three pairs of shoes from them and then I discovered Steve Madden. Love Steve Madden. In a meeting at work, I was introduced to Shop it to Me (yes, it really was in a business meeting. We were talking about dress code. Anyway...) So, now I get an email a few times a week with things the website thinks I'll like. One day I was scrolling through it and found a really cute pair of over the knee boots. When I clicked on it and went to the Steve Madden website, they had the same pair of boots in purple! I had to get them. They're fabulous.

Now, all of these shoes are perfectly acceptable to wear to work, which I do often. I get several remarks of "cute shoes" from the ladies and "how do you walk in those" from the gents. People that know me are not alarmed.

It's those who don't know me that I'm writing about today...

As a woman, I often find that men in particular talk to my chest. I don't think they intend to...well, some of them do. I find my self stooping down on occasion to get them to look me in the eye. Hello? Eyes up here! I can't help the size of my chest. It's not small (not HUGE, but not small). It is what it is and I can't do anything about it. I don't flaunt my chest or wear revealing clothing to accentuate them or draw attention to them.

Now, however, it seems that I get more stares at my feet. I was walking into Costco last week wearing a modest pair of to the knee shorts, a v-nect top with a camisol underneath and the most adorable strappy brown platform sandals with buckles and a zipper up the back. I got more stares and doubletakes than I'd care to count! What's the deal people? They're just shoes! More of my foot is covered than were I wearing a flip flop (which I only wear when I'm out for a pedicure). You'd think I had breasts on my feet or something!

Still, I'd rather people stared at my feet than my chest.

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