Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Latest Adventure

I never in my life thought I'd travel to Korea. Yet here I am in the VERY small town of Uljin (Ool chin). It is perhaps one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I'm here with Nick--it's his new home. I know--crazy. But as anyone who's following knows, we never stay anywhere for long. This is our latest adventure. We've been in Arizona for three years--that's longer than anywhere else except for the places we were born. Time to move forward.

I have experienced more in these last three days than perhaps the last year. I've tried new foods, stayed in weird hotels, met amazing people and seen a place that I hadn't known existed. I've felt the stares of the locals and heard their whispering as I walk by. I've never really felt like a minority before, but here, I most certainly am.

Everyone knows we're not from around here. They can tell by looking at us. And they try to help. We were nearly stranded in a subway station without our luggage. We were immediately helped. We almost got on the wrong bus--twice. We were kindly redirected by the driver who spoke no English at all.

I'm amazed by the people here. They do not understand us, but they still seem to be glad that we are here. I don't know why. They know nothing about us and we know even less about them. As I struggle to learn the language and look forward to the day when I'm living here too and can do so comfortably, I press on, one day at t time.

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