Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Master Bath

Owning a home has been, to say the least, interesting. I've found it to be no unlike living in an apartment--I just don't move every year. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it's OK if everything isn't painted or decorated just the way I want it right away. I have no plans to leave (sadly) anytime soon. That being said, like apartment living, there are things about our house that I absolutly hate. There's certainly plenty that I love--our huge backyard, having a garage, the beautiful staircase and wide open floor plan. I love having a room just for my workout equipment and I love having my laundry room on the upper level. I love that we have four bathrooms (even though only three of our toilets work). I don't love my kitchen--it's too small. I don't love that half of our windows don't open. I don't love the patch of carpet in our living room, though I'm learning to appreciate it. I don't love that our stairs are too wide to accomodate any size baby gate. But most of all, I don't love our master bathroom.

For whatever reason, there's some odd trend in homebuilding to not have a door on the master bathroom. WHAT?!?! Yes, that's right, no door on the bathroom. Now, the toilet has it's own little room (which we're currently storing paint supplies in because it's the one non-working toilet). But the shower, tub and sinks (two!) are all in full view of the rest of the bedroom. Not a big deal, some say. If you can't shower with your spouse in the room then there's something wrong with the marriage, right? Sure. Fine. Well, what if your spouse works nights and you're a morning person? What if I get up at 3am and Nick is just getting to bed? What if I need to shower with the light on (bonus!) and use my blow dryer at 5am when he's just been to bed? What now? Well, I'll tell you--it means that I have to, in the dark, find all of my hygene items (face it girls, we have a lot of crap) and transfer them to one of the other bathrooms. I'm generally against this on principle--why have a master bath with two sinks if I can use my own? Yes, it's STUPID! Who does this? Who thought it would be a good idea to leave the door off of the bathroom?

We recently went to Home Depot to see just how hard it would be to install a door. Not surprisingly, the employee there told it us that it was probably the most common complaint he heard. I'm glad to know we're not alone.


El said...

Still fightin' this one, my old-fashioned friend? ;-)

Seriously, I totally get your complaints. I tiptoe around in the dark every morning when my alarm goes off at 0441. Carrie and Jalen have at least another hour of sleep at that hour. If the dog doesn't bark, I'm golden... But the open floorplan master suites weren't designed for families that aren't up at the same time... Like on coffee and toothpaste commercials.

I wanna see your finished project once you guys solve this.

Tiggerr said...

I agree with you too. I don't like our little bathroom on the first floor for that very reason. Granted it's small and has a door, but the bedroom is also small so every flush, faucet turn and shower door open could be heard right outside. I got used to sleeping through your dad's early morning constitutional, but only after all little kids were grown enough not to need a mom on constant alert. Before that I was just too light a sleeper.

And upstairs the bathroom may have been down the hall from the door way, the tub is still just on the other side of the bedroom wall. You probably never noticed that since you had the other room. So Anyway If the noise and lights are a problem for us, They have to be a real nuisance for you with no door. Hopefully the rest of the house makes up for it a little =)