Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Question

We were watching A Christmas Story the other day (you know--"You'll shoot your eye out!") and in the beginning of the movie where Ralphie is hiding the advertisement for his gun in Mom's Look magazine, I noticed that his parents had twin beds in their bedroom. Did this ever actually happen or was it just something they did on TV so that no one would know that people actually had sex in those days? In Little House on the Prarie, Charles and Carline slept in the same bed, but being prarie folk, perhaps it was more of a space thing--little house. I pride myself on being too young to know the answer to this question. Anyone?


The Sounds In My Head said...

Well, I remember as a kid playing with another neighbor kid in his parent's bedroom. They had two beds. This would have been before 1964. But, that's the only example of that I ever saw.

El said...

I believe that was a TV thing. I don't remember the first show to show married people in the same bed, but I do remember reading somewhere that it was a big, shocking event. How far we've come.

Tiggerr said...

My mom & dad had 2 beds once, then they gave them to my brothers.

Your DAD has a bed. I sleep all over the place, but I'm sure you heard that about me. Where am I sleeping next week. lol

Oh and tell El that the big shocking thing was the I love Lucy show