Monday, June 23, 2008

Estrogen Overload

It's a girl! That's right, we're pregnant again. We had an ultrasound this afternoon and actually got to see a 3-D picture of her face! Weird but very cool. She actually looks a lot like Ivy (big shock). I was actually quite sure that I was having a boy. I guess that women's intuition isn't as right as we gals like to say it is. Oh well. It was surprise to both of us. Nick, of course, is now fearing being outnumbered. He was safe as long as we had our kitties, but since Oberon has found himself a new home (where he's much happier), the estrogen/testosterone ration has been reltaively equal. Of course, Jean-Claude has been neutered, but we'll just pretentd his hormones are all there. Poor Nick now realizes that his bathroom time will be drastically shorter and he will have to learn to braid hair. He will have to threaten two sets of male suitors and deal with three women with PMS every month. He will now have to pay for two weddings and give two little girls away when those weddings take place. Thankfully, they're a long way off at this point. I am thrilled that I can simply dig out Ivy's old baby clothes and see how adorable they look all over again.


Mike said...

Wow! Another Granddaughter! I'm liking this! Nick was out numbered long ago. Surely, he knew this (I know, don't call him Shirley). Tell him to think how well he can be pampered on Father's Day. Congrats and love to you both.


El said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to meet her.

You do realize all your baby talk has Carrie buggin' me again, right!? ;-)

We're thrilled for you guys!

Tiggerr said...

Kewl As the kids would say. Where are all these x chromosomes coming from anyway.

we outnumber the boys here too.

Love you all